Why Angola?
Welcome to Angolaan energy investor’s dream opportunity
Fueling Angola’s Success. Today and Tomorrow.
Fueling Angola’s Success. Today and Tomorrow.

Angola Oil & Gas (AOG) – will return for its fifth edition from October 2-4 at Centro de Convencoes Talatona in Luanda, Angola this year. Uniting global financiers, high-profile project developers, and key players from both the Angolan and global energy landscape, the AOG conference and exhibition proudly takes place with the full support of the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas; national oil company (NOC) Sonangol; the National Oil, Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANPG), the African Energy Chamber, the Petroleum Derivatives Regulatory Institute (IRDP) as well as the key players in the private sector.

Your Gateway to a Lucrative Energy Market
Unlock Profit Potential with Angola’s Teeming Reserves

Angola possesses vast untapped oil and gas reserves, making it an extremely attractive investment opportunity. Ranked among Africa's top oil producers, the country offers significant potential for substantial returns on investment.

Prime Location, Global Players, Local Opportunities

Situated in the Gulf of Guinea, Angola enjoys a prime location with easy access to major international markets. Whether you're targeting Europe, the Americas, or Asia, Angola's strategic location facilitates efficient exportation, ensuring a robust and lucrative global market for oil and gas products.

Stability Breeds Success: Stable Climate, Lucrative Returns

Angola has worked tirelessly to create a stable and conducive political environment for foreign investments. With favourable policies, regulatory reforms and transparent governance practices, the government has fostered investor confidence and protected their interests.

Collaborate and Thrive: Unlocking Synergy with Angola's Energy Experts

Angola has developed a well-established oil and gas sector with a wealth of industry expertise. Through collaborations with major international energy companies, Angola has witnessed technological advancements, knowledge transfer, and operational efficiency.

  • Spur investment and facilitate deal-making in the Angolan and regional energy value chains.
  • Encourage investment in technologies and projects that promote an effective and equitable energy transition in the region.
  • Highlight the vital role of Angola’s resources and industries in the global economy.
  • Promote cooperation and collaboration between various sectors, such as oil and gas, renewables, mining, trade, industry and construction.
  • Integrate the dialogue between the oil and gas sectors at a regional level.
  • Provide an effective platform for business executives and government leaders to discuss and create deals over a three-day period.
  • Ensure the Angolan energy sector is inclusive and designed to benefit the Angolan people.
  • Capitalise on new trade and investment opportunities across Angola.