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Nuno Catanas

Nuno Catanas

Founder & Managing Partner, MC Jurist

Nuno de Miranda Catanas is a leading counsel for Angolan matters, notably in the petroleum sector, and has 20-plus years of experience in advising clients on Angola-related matters.

Nuno is the founding partner of MC Jurist, a corporate and commercial boutique law firm that focuses primarily on the Angolan petroleum sector, including corporate and commercial matters, employment, shipping, customs, and tax.

Before focusing on his Angola expertise (20 years ago), Nuno acquired international experience in Houston, Texas, United States, Lisbon, Portugal and Southeast Asia (Macao and Hong Kong) where he acquired significant expertise in advising high-profile companies.

Currently, Nuno dedicates most of his professional time to advising international services contractors in the petroleum sector, and setting up and developing their business in Angola. His current practice includes assistance in the design and negotiations of Joint Ventures between international contractors and local partners (corporate structures), designing the contract structure to optimize foreign exchange control transactions (cash flow optimization) and other day-to-day matters of running a business in Angola (e.g., Human Resources, Customs).

Nuno is also a regular contributor and speaker on events focusing on the petroleum sector.