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Elitsa Georgieva

Elitsa Georgieva

Executive Director, CITAC
United Kingdom

Elitsa has extensive experience in managing projects across the downstream oil sector in Africa and delivering insights that support clients’ decision-making and policy formation processes.

Elitsa focuses on project management and consultancy and has also as set up and oversees CITAC’s short- and long-term product demand and supply forecasts for all countries in Africa, and trade balances for the continent and its sub-regions. Elitsa joined CITAC in 2005 from KBC Process Technologies (formerly Petroleum Economics Ltd.) and has led many commercial and economic studies on various African markets and energy sector infrastructure projects.

Elitsa is overseeing the company’s consultancy services and new projects such as CITAC’s coverage of Energy Transition in Africa and ever-improving data provision services. Elitsa holds M.Litt (Distinction) in Middle East Security from the University of Aberdeen, BA (Hons) in Economics and BA (Hons) Political Science and International Relations from the American University in Bulgaria, supplemented by advanced training in oil trading and risk management and membership of various professional organisations, including the Energy Institute.