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Subsurface success, challenges and opportunities

01 Oct 2024

Presentation by WesternGeco
Unlocking the hydrocarbon potential of Angola – focus on the Kwanza Basin offshore

Angola is a prolific hydrocarbon province with diverse exploration opportunities. There are three main basins in Angola with significant hydrocarbon resources: Lower Congo Basin; Kwanza Basin; and Namibe Basin. SLB Exploration Data has extensive datasets across all three basins, with a number of active projects.

While prolific, the basins are geologically complex. This complexity can make it difficult to image the subsurface and reservoir intervals, thereby impacting exploration risk. 

In this session SLB Exploration Data will share the value extracted from the large data footprint offshore, the Kwanza basin to update the regional prospectivity of the basin, through state of the art processing technology, linking key existing discoveries, and leveraging machine learning. Attendees will get insights around the prospectivity of the open blocks that will be included in the 2025 Licensing Round.

Attendees will receive a Basins geological overview, understand geological complexity in the basins, review the required technology to overcome the challenges, examine petroleum systems modeling and discuss the Basin’s untapped hydrocarbon potential.

Also explored will be the Basins tectonostratigraphic architecture; how regional seismic helps to map Leads and prospects and the seismic technology used to de-risk exploration potential.

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