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Maximizing Angola's Onshore Potential: Kwanza Basin Prospectivity Overview

01 Oct 2024

Presentation by TGS
In this session, we’ll explore the setting, history and available data along with the opportunities and challenges – target and leads, imaging challenges and operational environment. We’ll also look at further data requirements and enhancements – reprocessing, well data reconditioning and compatible data acquisition (eFTG?), finishing with a closer look at the Kwanza Basin opportunity summarizing why to explore onshore.

Attendees will walk away with greater technical insight into an underexplored basin, with attractive above-ground conditions. We’ll look closely at The Kwanza Basin in particular which is underexplored, has untapped potential in multiple play types, benefits from positive above ground characteristics and has potential for high impact, fast track returns. Finally, we’ll look at onshore operations more accessible to smaller companies.

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