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Angola's downstream potential

01 Oct 2024

Presentation by IRDP
IRDP’s vision is focussed on improving the distribution of oil products in Angola. The current legal framework opens the way for private and state investment initiatives in midstream and downstream projects, improving the supply of petroleum derivatives with the right quality. 

In this session, attendees will gain a better understanding of the critical role that a solid, practical, feasible and fair regulatory framework plays in efficiently developing a sector, opening the way for national and foreign companies to be active in the space. They’ll receive a briefing on the work happening to uphold the highest specification of oil products in the country and the scientific projects in the pipeline.

Attendees will get a full update on the state of the O&G downstream sector in Angola, taking into consideration the regulatory framework as well as the volumes and consumption of oil derivatives. We’ll also explore the development prospects combined with economic and population growth

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