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Presentation by CLG - Investing, Mergers and Acquisitions. Getting the deal done

01 Oct 2024

This session will cover the key concepts involved in concluding oil and gas contracts, from conceptualizing to drafting, reviewing, negotiating, novating, and terminating agreements. It will explore fundamental principles, stakeholder objectives, best practices, phases of contracts, peculiarities in the Angolan context, and critical issues in mergers and acquisitions. 

Who should attend? Government officials and regulators; Foreign investors ; Private sector operators, Legal and financial advisors; Industry professionals and stakeholders.

Attendees can expect to gain greater insight into optimal contract structuring ; Get a better understanding of stakeholder objectives; expand their knowledge of best practices and international standards. We’ll also look at strategies for effective negotiation and drafting, building awareness of Angolan regulatory and local content requirements. Attendees will gain insight into real-life examples of successes and failures across the continent.

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