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14 May 2024

Camtel, Angola Cables Collaborate to Enhance West African Digital Connectivity

Camtel, Angola Cables Collaborate to Enhance West African Digital Connectivity
Cameroon’s telecommunications operator Camtel and Angola’s telecommunications, technology and connections multinational Angola Cables have collaborated to enhance digital connectivity in West Africa and the Atlantic region.

The partnership leverages subsea cable connections such as South Atlantic Cable System, West Africa Cable System, Monet and the South Atlantic Inter Link, to bolster redundancy and network resilience while improving service quality. Businesses in the region will benefit from expanded capacity options and improved access to local and regional networks.

This collaboration holds promise for transforming internet connectivity and data transmission in West Africa, according to Nigerian country manager of TelCables West Africa Fernando Fernandes. “For users, it will help to secure connectivity, trade, boost economies and help expand as well as grow businesses across the region.”

“Our strategic intent is to build on the robust backhaul connectivity of the Angola Cables network, and the existing interconnections we have in place with other submarine cables connecting the region and the world, to provide flexible and secure value-added services for our clients and businesses,” said Camtel CEO Judith Yah Sunday Epse Achidi

Camtel’s network infrastructure, including multiple submarine cables and a Tier III data center, supports initiatives like the West to East Africa Network Access. Meanwhile, Angola Cables operates data centers in Brazil and Angola, along with significant internet exchange points in Africa.

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