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26 Jun 2024

ANPG Implements 12 Measures to Support Angolan Oil Production

ANPG Implements 12 Measures to Support Angolan Oil Production
ANPG Implements 12 Measures to Support Angolan Oil Production
Angola’s national concessionaire, the National Oil, Gas & Biofuels Agency (ANPG), announced a series of measures that aim to support crude oil production in Angola. The country aims to maintain output at 1.1 million barrels per day until 2027 while stimulating investment in biofuels and renewable energy. The ANPG’s 12 measures – being implemented until December 2024 – support these efforts.

Industry Competitiveness

Throughout the year, the ANPG has committed to improving the competitiveness of Angola’s oil and gas industry, recommending measures that promote investment in the face of rising global competitiveness for foreign funding.

Renewed Regulatory Agenda

To improve the monitoring and regulation of the Angolan oil and gas industry, the ANPG is set to propose a regulatory agenda in 2024. The agenda aims to improve the monitoring of activities across the crude oil upstream value chain; the midstream and downstream gas value chains; and the biofuels industry.

Advance Incremental Production

Angola aims to sign into law an incremental production decree in 2024. The law will support and incentivize near-field exploration in Angola with the intention of increasing output at producing fields across the country. The decree awaits approval.

Enhance Oil Infrastructure

Throughout the year, the ANPG has committed to promote programs that support the transportation of oil from recently awarded blocks in the onshore areas of the Lower Congo and Kwanza basins. The aim is to attract investment in related infrastructure to ensure oil reaches the market efficiently. The country concludes a 12-block tender in January 2024, with the ANPG currently negotiating production sharing contracts for the qualified companies.

Promote Local Content

To unlock economic benefits for the country, the ANPG will continue promoting the local production of goods and services that support the Angolan oil industry. The concessionaire has committed to monitoring the production capacity of local companies and improving market access for Angolan firms.

Resource Sharing

In 2024, the ANPG will develop and implement a plan for the sharing of resources and standardization of facilities. The aim is to strengthen monitoring across the industry while strengthening the competitiveness of the Angolan oil and gas sector.

Develop Facility Framework

The ANPG will be assessing the development and implementation of tools and/or a model to monitor the effectiveness of facility integrity across the Angolan oil and gas industry. The ANPG aims to improve inspection and maintenance support.

Enhance Well Monitoring

During the year, the ANPG will be reviewing abandoned wells and installations in Angola, monitoring them in order to identify opportunities for production recovery. At present, 1,630 wells are inactive in the country, representing 45% of the total well count. As such, the concessionaire is assessing opportunities for reactivating closed oil wells where feasible. 

Execute Skills Plan

Under efforts to drive capacity building in the Angolan oil and gas market, the ANPG aims to complete its skills management project in 2024. The program supports knowledge transfer.

Create a Local Content Fund

To entice local participation in the Angolan oil and gas sector, the ANPG is looking at creating a dedicated local content fund. The fund will support local content initiatives across the industry.

Promote CCS Development

In 2024, the ANPG aims to support the development of carbon capture and storage projects in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the industry.

Design ESG Studies

The ANPG has committed to designing Environmental Social and Governance studies in 2024, with the aim of implementing renewable energy projects in Angola. These projects will not only improve access to power in the country but support the country’s transition to a cleaner energy future.

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