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16 May 2024

ABO Capital Unveils Local Content Training Facility in Luanda

ABO Capital Unveils Local Content Training Facility in Luanda
Angola-based international investment firm ABO Capital has inaugurated the Amity Training Centre in Luanda, aimed at nurturing the next wave of professional talent to fuel sustained economic growth.

As part of the globally recognized Amity University network, the Amity Training Centre will offer education tailored to various sectors and provide hands-on experience in key industries such as finance, telecommunications, oil and energy. This initiative aims to equip Angolan professionals with the skills needed to thrive in today’s economy.

“The Amity Training Centre establishes a pathway for our young professionals to take their skills to the next level and compete in a 21st century economy – in Angola and beyond,” said ABO Capital Chairman and CEO Zandre Campos. “This executive training program is exactly what our country needs to further build our local talent pool and expand economic opportunity for Angolans.”

Recently, the Amity Training Center has progressed with its executive training program – including planning two training sessions on performance feedback and situational leadership with upstream oil and gas company Azule Energy in Dubai. The center has conducted employee interviews, refined program details and developed an English language skills course. Additionally, it is considering introducing a cybersecurity course to address evolving threats in business.

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