Energy Capital & Power (ECP) is proud to announce that bunkering services company, Monjasa Angola, has joined the Angola Oil & Gas (AOG) 2022 conference and exhibition as a bronze sponsor, further solidifying the company’s presence in Africa’s biggest oil producing country. With the sponsorship, Monjasa has further committed itself to the country while creating new opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Established in Denmark in 2002, Monjasa has evolved into a global logistics company providing bunkering and cargo trading services for the maritime industry.

In Angola, the company has been instrumental in supporting the market as it expands, leveraging the company’s significant experience and competitive standing to drive trade and shipping across the domestic and regional energy sector.

“We are proud to announce that Monjasa has joined AOG 2022 as a bronze sponsor. Representing one of the country’s most competitive bunkering services companies, driving trade and shipping across the Angola maritime landscape, Monjasa has placed itself at the head of the constantly evolving global shipping industry, bringing the company’s international experience to Angola and supporting the country’s transforming sector. At AOG 2022, Monjasa is set to drive discussions around the role maritime logistics play in supporting the growth of a globally competitive hydrocarbon market in West Africa,” states Miguel Artacho, International Conference Director, ECP.

With its sponsorship, Monjasa has placed itself at the center of all discussions and networking forums at AOG 2022, taking on a leading role in Angola-focused dialogue during the event. For the company, the event is set to bring about new opportunities for partnerships and deals as Monjasa pursues market expansion and leadership. Meanwhile, for Angola, Monjasa’s sponsorship signals a new era of growth as opportunities for collaboration across the entire energy value chain are capitalized upon.