With a $60-billion investment pipeline planned for the next five years, the Angolan market presents diverse opportunities for foreign investors and project developers. AOG 2024 will showcase oil and gas prospects within Angola.
The Angola Oil & Gas conference will enable oil and gas independent Panoro Energy to explore potential new ventures and share its long-term strategic vision for the sector.
New investors can gain first-hand insights into Angola’s available offshore acreage during the Angola Oil & Gas 2024 conference this October.
Liz Williamson, Head of Energy Corporate Finance at Rand Merchant Bank (RMB), will speak at the 2024 edition of the Angola Oil & Gas (AOG) conference
Trafigura’s participation in the AOG 2024 conference underscores its commitment to enhance supply chains in Africa.
Ambassador at Large and Special Envoy for Energy Security at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vaclav Bartuska will participate as a speaker during this year’s Angola Oil & Gas (AOG) 2024 conference and exhibition.
Adriano Mongini, will speak at the Angola Oil & Gas 2024 conference, highlighting the company’s initiatives to expand Angola’s oil and gas sector and enhance energy security.
Discovering valuable insights from Angola’s flourishing natural gas sector can pave the way for Mozambique’s own burgeoning industry.
Etu Energias – Angola’s largest private oil producer – has joined the Angola Oil & Gas (AOG) conference and exhibition as a silver sponsor.
Chevron has joined the Angola Oil & Gas (AOG) 2024 conference – Angola’s premier oil and gas event, scheduled for 2-3 October in Luanda - as a platinum sponsor.