Kini Energias

Furthermore, the partnership will allow the recruitment and professional development of Angolan technicians as well as the possibility of providing a door-to-door service to some of the main players in the oil and gas sector in Angola.

Specializing in waste management, sanitary solutions and water treatment, Ambipar minimizes the environmental impact of oil and gas operations, managing the full recovery of industrial waste and remediating oil spillage.

As such, the partnership agreement between the two companies is poised to result in the sustainable development of Angola’s oil and gas resources and ensure compliance with global environmental, social, and governance standards within the country’s hydrocarbons sector.

Kini Energias, is an Angolan service provider with extensive experience in the country’s oil sector. Participating in this agreement, the company will be well-positioned to properly manage its waste and allow Kini Energias to use water more efficiently while recycle excess oil derivatives.

Taking place under the theme, ‘Energy Security, Decarbonization and Sustainable Development’, this year’s edition of AOG 2023, organized by Energy Capital & Power, taking place from 13-14 September, emphasizes the need for development initiatives that meet the country’s energy targets while ensuring minimal impact to the environment and local populations. As such, this agreement is poised to help the country meet its development goals while striving to address the narrative of a just energy transition.